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Introducing SmartOne - powered by SmartSearch

SmartOne is an innovative electronic verification solution, ensuring unregulated sectors can quickly and easily perform KYC checks on individuals in the UK and international markets.Staying on top of KYC checks can be a complex and time-consuming process. 

Manual checks rely on physical documentation being available - but these documents are open to forgery and manipulation. SmartOne offers a unique, one-step solution for all your KYC needs, meeting the demands of the evolving KYC landscape whilst solving these problems.

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How it works

This quick, robust and reliable KYC solution can be used to verify a customer’s age, detect fraud and mitigate risk to your business.


Just a few areas we can help you with:

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    Personnel Checks

    Using our trusted and secure data partners, you can perform identity checks and confirm that the customer is legitimate.

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    Fraud prevention

    SmartOne's innovative electronic verification platform enables you to protect your business from fraud with a comprehensive KYC check. 

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    Age Verification

    In a matter of seconds, SmartOne enables you to verify the age of your customers, providing peace of mind for your business. 


Verify individuals and remain compliant on a single platform

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Save time performing essential identity checks

  • Complete KYC checks in 2 seconds 

  • Save time and reduce manual workload

  • All searches automatically save

  • Instant access to data

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Remain compliant and prevent fraud within your industry

  • Electronic verification offers the most robust and reliable way to conduct KYC checks

  • Mitigate fraud for your business

  • Future proof your business with digital checks

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Streamline your process and modernise customer onboarding

  • Modernise your customer on-boarding with SmartOne

  • Manual documents are slow, unreliable and open to errors

  • The most efficient and up-to-date source of information for identity solutions

  • All in one easy-to-use platform

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Ensure compliance with regulations

  • Easily navigate the ever-changing KYC landscape and remain compliant with SmartOne

  • Our solution is updated in line with laws and regulations

  • Ensure your business always meets its legal requirements

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Serving professional unregulated sectors

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    With SmartOne’s digital onboarding system, you can verify job applicants within seconds, so you can meet personnel requirements and confidently deliver the very best candidates to your clients, without any delay.

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    Performing KYC checks within the events sector ensures that your customers are who they say they are, avoiding any administrative burden and fraudulent activity before the event takes place. 

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    Delivery Services

    SmartOne provides peace of mind for delivery services by ensuring that goods are delivered to the correct person and customer, avoiding any unnecessary customer complaints or negative feedback.

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    Age Restrictive Products

    Minimise risk and avoid financial penalties with SmartOne. Our unique customer verification solution performs a KYC check in 2 seconds, so you can be confident that any age restricted products are being purchased by legitimate customers.

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    Tool Hire

    Detect fraud and minimise risk to your tool hire business by performing a KYC check as part of your customer onboarding process.

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    Holiday Lets

    With the rise in popularity of holiday let websites, SmartOne’s electronic verification platform ensures that your customers are bonified and own the properties they say they do.


Seamless integration via API

Streamline your process

You can even integrate SmartOne with your existing system, saving you time and resources. This allows you to further streamline your processes, reduce manual workload and increase accuracy. 

We’ll help you get started

We offer a full API integration, in addition to ‘single sign on’ options, and one of our technical engineers will assist throughout the entire process. With setup possible within 24 hours, and ongoing upgrades and support at no additional cost, integrating has never been easier. 

Why Smartone?

Providing world-class customer service to over 6,500 clients

First class customer service

Our specialist business is dedicated to delivering the service you need. All clients benefit from a dedicated Customer Success Manager, who provides extensive training, answers queries and offers support wherever possible.

A solution you can trust

Powered by multi award-winning, industry-leaders SmartSearch, SmartOne is built upon well-established technology. We pride ourselves on being data agnostic. SmartOne uses a multi-bureau service, ensuring the highest quality and most comprehensive data is provided. 

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